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Vinyl Siding Contractor Based in Salem, NH

When you choose vinyl siding from Derry Roofing, you are choosing an option that not only endures extreme weather, but can save you in heating and cooling costs. On top of this, it can improve the look of your home, and requires much less maintenance than other options (such as wood). When you call us to install your new vinyl siding, you will protect, or even raise the value of your home!

We will provide you with a list of all color options to fit any style of home. This material choice has gained popularity for it's durability, efficiency, and lower maintenance requirements. This option will protect your exterior for years to come.

The Benefits of Vinyl

  • Larger Variety of Color Options
  • Durable, Lasting for Many Years
  • Much More Affordable than Other Options
  • Lowered Heating and Cooling Costs with Proper Insulation