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Derry Roofing, LLC
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Roofing Installation & Repair from Salem, New Hampshire

Derry Roofing provides the services essential to protect the value of your investment in your home or business. Based in Salem, New Hampshire, our family business performs roofing installation and repair and gutter work, as well as carpentry and siding.

Roofing Services

This roofing contractor performs residential and commercial roofing services, specializing in flat rubber roofs and asphalt shingles with a limited lifetime warranty. We offer roof replacement, as well as repairs and maintenance.

Green Roofing

As certified GAF Green Roofers, our company offers roof shingles made of recycled asphalt materials for your new roof. For your old roof, we recycle the asphalt roofing so it doesn't end up in a landfill.

In addition, our roofing system of combined insulation and cooling ventilation reduces your home energy use.


Let us provide and install new rain gutters for your home or business. Our specialty lies in installing seamless aluminum gutters on-site. These gutters are so solid and flawless that they are durable and will last a lifetime. It only takes a few hours to install. Gutters channel water away from the home, protecting the entire structure from damage, external and internal, as well as preventing leaks. We offer both half round and K-style gutters to fit your home needs best!

Carpentry & Siding

Count on our expert carpentry services to make any necessary repairs and corrections on-site immediately. For example, if our crew finds any bad boards on the roof, we repair or replace what is necessary then and there.

When fascia boards rot from water damage, let us repair or replace them, as well as the wood on the exterior of your home or businesses, including decks.
Contact us for roofing installation and repair and gutter work, as well as carpentry and siding.